Solacoats Quicl Dry WB Primer & Topcoats are a surface tolerant primer & heat reflective topcoat combining tough alkyd resin and zinc phosphate together with an exclusive polymeric agent that imparts excellent wetting and good anti-corrosive properties on steel which will have excellent Anti-Corrosion & heat reflective properties.


  • Very fast drying, both primer & topcoat
  • Lead and zinc chromate free
  • Excellent for use as a shop primer in prefabrication work
  • Primer may be left uncoated for up to 6 months


Suitable for agricultural parts, earth moving equipment, structural steel, switchboards and production line priming. Normally overcoated with conventional air-drying spraying finishes such as Superlux CS Enamel, Superlux QD Enamel or Insul-Insulation.

Approximate Coverage, both primer & topcoat

Theoretical at 25micron dft 17.0m2/L
Practical at 40micron dft Brush or roller 11.3m2/L
Airless spray 9.6m2/L
Conventional spray 8.2m2/L

For complete product specifications and MSDS please get in touch.