Solacoat is a geoengineered coating method consisting of either one coat of Solacoat WB Metal Primer (for metal substrates) or one coat of Solacoat CP Porous Primer (for concrete, tiles and non-glazed terracotta tile substrates) and two coats of Solacoat topcoat. Solacoat Pastel and/or Solacoat Dark Topcoats are a revolutionary water-based acrylic coating that contains a unique membrane additive, which reflects up to 84.9% of the suns solar rays (depending on the colour), whilst assisting in reducing your CO2 footprint for buildings that are air-conditioned.

The percentage of the rejected solar rays will vary depending on the actual colour being applied, and the percentage of the solar rays being rejected, are based on a newly coated roof either corrugated, flat or pitched.

The Solacoat Pastel and Dark topcoat colours have a superior resistance to heat absorption with a higher solar reflectivity than corresponding coloured conventional paints. The lighter colours have a higher TSR Value and SRI Rating than the darker colours, due to the significant solar reflectance.

The Solacoat WB Metal Primer contains proven rust inhibiting agents to halt corrosion with excellent adhesion to all metals and is an excellent base for the Solacoat Topcoats. The beauty of the Solacoat Metal Roof System is that the building remains cool in the extremes of summer; its applied at a fraction of the cost to re-roofing and it is durable and aesthetically pleasing.

The Solacoat CP Porous Primer is designed to fill relatively small imperfections in the aged but mechanically sound tile surface and addresses durability, aesthetics and mould and fungi aspects.

Once installed this system forms a protective coverage that shields, maintains and enhances the roof for many years to come while keeping the internal temperatures cool in the extremes of summer.

How does Solacoat Work?

Sunlight is white light a mixture of all colours of the spectrum. There are two primary components of sunlight that reaches our earth surface, visible and infrared. Visible light is what we see as colour and makes up roughly 46% of the spectrum yet more than half of the spectrum consists of infrared light invisible and until now unconsidered.

Infrared light, because it’s invisible, doesn’t affect colour but it does have a great effect on the rate and extent of heat build up in homes and commercial properties.

Absorb infrared is transferred into heat warming the surface and surrounding areas. Pastel colours are good reflectors of this light but conventional dark colours absorb it causing high heat build up. Solacoat Heat Reflective coatings work by reflecting infrared light.

Solacoat Cream Solar Reflectance of 84.9% reflects the heat back to the atmosphere. The other 15.1% of heat that pass through the coating is then released by Solacoat’s high thermal emittance value of 0.88.

Solacoat Heat Reflective pastel and dark colours both work by reflecting both the, visible and infrared light

Roof Before Solacoat with the air
temperature of 28ºC

Infrared picture of temperatures at
45ºC before Solacoat applied

Roof After Solacoat Applied with
the air temperature of 28ºC

Infrared picture of temperatures
at 34ºC after Solacoat applied

Solar Reflective Index

The Solar Reflective Index is calculated by the Solar Reflectance Value and the Thermal Emittance value. The higher value indicates higher solar reflectivity.

SRI of Solacoat Cream is 106.1%.

Reflecting heat away, translates into savings for the consumer in, cooling costs, maintenance costs, and provides a positive result for the environment.

Benefits of Solacoat

Reduce heat from getting in with a reputable heat reflective and cost effective coating. Solacoat requires 1 x 60 micron thickness wet of Primer and 2 x 60 micron thickness wet topcoat applied to the surface.

  • Assists in preventing your building from heating up
  • Assists in preventing your walls and pavements from heating up
  • Assists in reducing internal temperatures
  • Assists in reducing electricity cooling costs
  • Assists in reducing green house gas emissions for air-conditioned buildings
  • Assists in inhibiting rust, corrosion and thermal expansion, ensuring durability
  • Assists in protecting properties and assets (heat sensitive)
  • Non-Toxic Environmentally safe and friendly
  • Assists in conducive and liveable environments
  • Contains anti-fungal and anti-mould properties
  • Easy to apply
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Manufactured in NATA & APAS approved facilities.

“Solacoat is easy to apply, as each coat is only 60 microns wet and dries to approximately 80 microns, (after 2 coats) & unlike normal paint coatings, Solacoat will keep performing for a minimum of 10 years”.

Architecturally, Solacoat presents an exceptional appearance, durability, with excellent waterproofing properties and a protective coating in lieu of standard paint finished coatings.

Add Solacoat Waterproofing System

Solacoat Waterproof System is a geoengineered coating method that completely seals and waterproofs flat, non-vehicular trafficable commercial concrete roofs. The elastomeric coating system consists of one coat of Solacoat CP Porous Primer and one coat of Solacoat Waterproofing Topcoat for heat reflection, and is non-slip, leaving no more excessive heat build up in the concrete slab.

By moderating external roof top temperatures permits access for servicing roof-mounted equipment such as cooling towers, air-conditioners as well as ensuring a lower ambient internal temperature in which these essential equipment units are operating.

Flexible and durable the heat reflective membrane coating resists UV degradation, ponded water and many industrial chemical environments. Due to the heat reflectance, the coating will remain cool and should last longer than conventional waterproofing.

For a more favourable and liveable environment with the added benefit of reduced electricity bills, during those Hot Summer Days, we believe Solacoat is a smart solution!

Quick Tips


  • Commercial buildings
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Shopping Malls, Cold Storage Areas
  • Hospitals & Malls
  • Storage Facilities
  • Oil / Gas / Water Tanks
  • Poultries. Piggeries and Animal Refuges
  • Houses


  • 10 -14 sqm per litre


  • High durability
  • Good Colour Range of Pastel & Dark Colours
  • Low toxicity
  • Proven Resutls over 10+ years
  • Exported around the world


  • 4 litres
  • 15 litres
  • Bulk


  • Using standard Spray Gun & Tips, roller and/or brush

Drying Time

  • 30 – 45 minutes

Preparation and Application Advice on Topcoats and Primers

Preparation details on all the following:

  • Structural / Mild Steel with light rust
  • Steel – Medium to heavy rust visible
  • Aluminium Pipelines, Tanks, Buildings
  • Galvanised, zincalum and zinc silicate coated steel
  • New or unpainted Metal Roofs and Walls
  • Rough Concrete Roofs (Unpainted or Painted)
  • Smooth Concrete Roofs (unpainted or Painted)
  • Concrete Bridge (smooth finish – painted or unpainted)
  • Bitumen Roof (unpainted, painted or with Quartz Rock)
  • Timber (Painted or Unpainted)

For complete product specifications and MSDS please get in touch.